Great ways to detox your mind

So many started the New Year with goals in hand! Some were about a business, a relationship, physical fitness and finances to name a few. But what we must make sure we do to promote clarity and ease of reaching our goals, is a way to keep our mind well! Now we know this last year has made that much harder than ever, but there are few things we can do daily to detox our minds, clear the chatter and stay focused on smashing the hell out of our goals, and also just to stay afloat when the crazy of life hits.

Let, me first say, anytime I am dropping some tips, gems or motivation it has already been tried and successfully used by me. I am big on honesty and being transparent, I don't just find good info and send to you without knowing how it has or will affect me. So let's get to it!

My top 3 ways to Detox your mind and live fine!

  1. Stay in Gratitude - It seems so simple, but really this is where the peace, good vibes and all the manifesting of your desires start. Yes, it's hard to be grateful when you see alot of mess around you. But it starts with the smallest thing, and believe me even in the midst of fuckery, there is always something you can find to show gratitude for. Some examples I started with when life it hard and gratitude was not where I was focused; I became grateful for waking every day, even though I was pissed with my current situation, I was grateful I had another chance to make it right, better. I would also find something in the room I was in to be grateful for, it could be a candle that smelled amazing, an outlet on the wall reminding me I have electricity in my home, or even stepping outside and seeing the world, my vision blurry at time but hell I was thankful for it! Remember, start small, don't over stress and remember it's not about what anybody else thinks, it's all about You!

  2. WooSaa Meditate darling - Listen, real talk this is one thing that has made me shift my thoughts, energy and see the power of it. Things literally started to fall in my lap. Money, ideas, desires, my purpose became so clear. I truly began to feel balance and even during last year 2020, which was a hot mess on stick for many of us, I found peace, I found a way to cope and not feel suffocated in sadness and worry. I know, you're like, girl, I don't know how to meditate, I don't have time to meditate. I was there, but you can honestly start with just 5 minutes, yup 5 little minutes can begin as shift of goodness in your life, and have your mind open to shit you never thought possible.

  3. Shut down Social Media - Look, I know we all find ourselves scrolling for HOURS, seeing craziness, lies, foolishness, good eats and not so good looking eats (LOL), literally information overload of other's people shit. Set a daily and weekly timer for YOU! Yup, just for you, no scrolling, no tv mess. Take a bath, sit outside take in the sun (weather permitting), read a good book. Journal your desires instead of reading about someone else creating theirs. Even spending some family time, playing games, going for ride. Turn on some good music and fall into that good place of true chill.

Now, I know these things may seem simple, but that is where it all starts; taking time to make small changes that are simple and easy to stick with. These have helped me declutter my mind which is leading to decluttering my life. I know that detoxing is way more than cutting foods, it's important that we are mindful of all that we all into our space. Energy is everywhere, and in order to thrive, we need alot more of the good energy floating thru us. Hope this helps some and for those who want to give the meditation a try, I have added a FREE Meditation download

Stay well, Loves!

Erica Danielle RN

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