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"Because of Cannabis I almost lost everything I worked my ass off for!

Crazy right? I mean, this entire site is about my love for Cannabis. Well, over 10 years ago, before Cannabis grew into the healing, “not so bad” plant, I failed an employment drug test and it almost cost me my Nursing License. I remember hating myself, doubting my decision to be a Nurse, I started to hate this plant that proved itself so powerful in its healing and calming benefits for even getting me into this situation, I even went as far as thinking  “Screw it, I’ll just do something else”. But you know what, in the midst of my embarrassment, my dilemma of daily calls for drug testing and weekly meetings, I felt there was a reason I would fight for my license. I knew I was not an addict, I knew my use of Cannabis was therapeutic (reduced my stress & anxiety) and way safer than the prescription options other Nurses in the mandatory meetings I attended were struggling with. But of course, who would listen to that “nonsense” about an ILLEGAL DRUG? What reputable Nurse would encourage Cannabis over prescription treatments. At that time, NOBODY. Or I should say nobody that was willing to say it out loud. 

Through many challenges that I have faced, I kept listening to that voice DEEP down inside. That voice that kept telling me my story would have purpose, all make sense one day. Well, Thank God it does! Now I am able to share with you how I got through and continue to make it through this thing called life, or as I call it “Living a Delicious Life”. 

With Cannabis I help other women and Nurses find their pleasure, reduce pain, insomnia and anxiety. The best part is they no longer have to sacrifice an amazing quality of life just for a relief in symptoms.  Through my journey of knowledge and experience with Cannabis, I now understand the importance of dosing, various routes of administration and understand how cannabis can bring healing without the high. I’m a woman and nurse helping other women and nurses embrace their health,using God’s Green Herb  to promote balance with mind and body, “We trying to get healed, ain’t nobody trying to be high!”  - Erica Danielle RN 


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